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Professionals United for Parkland was created on February 15, 2018 in the wake of unbearable tragedy.  A group of like-minded clinicians dedicated countless hours of pro bono and reduced cost best practice, trauma-focused therapy to those affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. PU4P is now a non-profit charity, dedicated to reducing the lasting effects of trauma on the children, teens and adults in our community.  But we cannot serve without your help - each dollar donated is tax deductible.  Learn the different ways your donation can be put to use.

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Event Donation

Professionals United for Parkland hosts virtual and in person events throughout the year. Purchasing a ticket to an event will help educate the community on best practice interventions to ensure that our community heals and grows together.

Needs Donation

The Professionals United for Parkland Board and volunteers assesses the needs of the community. The funds donated will be earmarked to match a need in the community.

Support Donation

Our community needs qualified clinicians to be serving each person affected by the tragedy at MSD. But not everyone can afford high quality, best practice trauma-focused services. Our goal is to have all our community members who need a helping hand to be matched with one of our pro bono or reduced cost clinicians.

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