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October 2019 Newsletter

In the aftermath of the shooting at MSD, a focus on violence and school safety has also increased discussions about improving mental health care both in schools and in the community. Articles in the Sun Sentinel such as this article about the School Safety Task Force and this OpEd about Mental Health Services needing to be a part of school safety conversations demonstrate a continued awareness that we need to do more to identify mental health concerns and effectively address them. While the mental health community has worked diligently to improve mental health assessment and treatment, the intensified recognition of the mental health crisis we face in our country has led to more support from community leaders and legislators. The hope is that mental health remains a central part of the dialogue so we can continue to have the backing needed to improve the efficacy of mental health services.


Program Spotlight WalkUp for School Safety Alaina Petty

"The WalkUp Foundation was created by Ryan and Kelly Petty, the parents of Alaina Petty. In honor of Alaina, the WalkUp Foundation is working to prevent the causes of violence in our schools, through advocacy for programs and policies focused on early identification and intervention of at-risk youth." From The WalkUp Foundation Website:

  1. WalkUp - All it takes is noticing someone who looks like they need a friend.

  2. Care - Start with compassion, and then just listen.

  3. Ask - Ask if you can help or if someone else can.

  4. Evaluate - Determine if this person needs more help than you can offer.

  5. Act - Tell a teacher, police officer or an adult immediately.


PU4P  Updates Therapists and Mental Health Practitioners - want to be included in our resource list? We can only provide the community with your information after you have completed our vetting process. Please make sure to submit your vetting documents to us or request what we need by contacting PU4P at Don't forget to check our Facebook page for the most current events, updates, and information about PU4P! Thank you for your support of PU4P and your dedication to the Parkland community

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