May 2021 PU4P Newsletter

This May, Professionals United for Parkland recognizes National Mental Health Awareness Month. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has rolled out a campaign titled – You Are Not Alone. This resonated deeply.

In the past few years, our community has experienced one knock-out punch after another of grief – first locally when tragedy hit in our backyard, followed by deaths by suicide, then from a global pandemic. Each time we brush ourselves off and pivot to rebuild…but it can be difficult. In the beginning, many people, organizations and helpers wrapped our community in support. Some of us dove right in and engaged in every opportunity possible. Others drew away from the outpouring of help, choosing to manage themselves through focusing on school, work or other pursuits.

As each year passes, we grow further away from those community supports that helped us feel like we were not alone. For three years our community has been rebuilding in the aftermath of tragedy. We have had to redefine what safety, community and support means to us. For many of us, the need for support has never been greater. We know that the risk for mental health issues increases after lifechanging events and then the pandemic hit, disrupting some of our necessary links to resources.

Throughout, Professionals United for Parkland has taken up the mantel of supporting, disseminating information and educating our community. We have been there to help refer to qualified clinicians who specialize in trauma-informed services. We have linked professionals to educational opportunities. Moreover, we continue to support our community. You Are Not Alone.

Professionals United for Parkland was founded to help address the long-term effects of communal trauma. Help is available – please reach out today.