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March 2021 Newsletter

This March, Professionals United for Parkland brings awareness to National Nutrition Month. As the New Year approached, many of us made resolutions to eat healthier. However, as the year progressed and stressors began to build, we often lost that battle. Refined starches and sugars took the place of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins. Caffeine held us aloft for days at a time. For many of us, February was the epicenter of stress and grief. We may have overindulged in food – if our stomach was full then maybe our heart would be full too. As we enter into March, we refocus on finding our center and restarting our goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Having healthy nutritional habits trickles down to other aspects of our life. Meal prepping allows us to have snacks and meals planned out, which inhibits the desire for our quick fix foods. Family time can be enhanced by including everyone, regardless of age, into meal creation and clean up. Keeping high quality foods of a variety of colors, tastes and textures, lets our tongues and minds find interest and joy in everyday eating. Taking the time to notice each bite of food or drink provides us with a mindfulness activity that grounds and refreshes.

Healthy eating done correctly lets us tap back into our bodies. By noticing our wants and needs, we can make choices that directly affect our physical, as well as mental health, each day. We all have experienced that sugar crash, hangry episode and guilt-ridden aftermath. What if we gave our body high quality foods that actually helped our mood stay stable, balanced and energetic? We would probably be able to deal with life on life’s terms more objectively.

While getting our mental health stabilized can seem overwhelming, having a healthier relationship with food can feel manageable. Throughout the month of March Professionals United for Parkland will be posting pictures of balanced meals. Please share your photos and recipes. PU4P looks forward to hearing about your journey towards healthy living.

Professionals United for Parkland was founded to help address the long-term effects of communal trauma. Help is available – please reach out today.

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