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March 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The events throughout the month of February to memorialize and remember the lives lost and the trauma that occurred last February filled the community with hope and strength. PU4P strives to continue serving the community with support and educational events. We recognize that the healing process takes more than a year and commit to continue this important work as we move forward from the one year anniversary without pause. Instrumental grief and post-traumatic growth were pervasive throughout the month. Individuals, families, and the community came together to find ways to honor the lives lost and to make some good come from this horrible tragedy in the form of memorial funds, events, gatherings, service, and kindness to one another.


Program Spotlight Chris Hixon Memorial 5K

On Saturday, February 16th, the Chris Hixon Athletic Fund hosted the Inaugural Chris Hixon Memorial 5K. The Hixon family are an incredible example of how honoring a fallen hero by creating a lasting legacy in his name allows this family and all who contribute to and who benefit from the fund to continue Mr. Hixon's dedication to students, athletes, and to the community. The annual 5K raised funds for the athletic scholarship in Mr. Hixon's name. Please learn more about the Chris Hixon Athletic Fund and Mr. Hixon's life, bravery, and inspiring dedication to all who knew him by clicking here.


PU4P Update

Members and Friends of PU4P, The journey from trauma to resilience is a long and arduous path filled with dark moments and terror. This was one of those dark and frightening weeks for Parkland and surrounding communities. Two MSD students, in separate incidents, died by suicide. PU4P met with the Parkland Mayor today along with all other concerned organizations to map out a strategy for this coming week. The announcements, schedules and volunteer sign- ups are available on our Facebook Page. We remain 100 percent committed to the recovery for all touched by these tragedies. Our community needs to pull together in a cohesive manner. We pledge to provide resources, assist other organizations, make referrals for proper trauma treatment and to support the therapeutic community who are on the frontlines. Please review our plans for this week and jump in to help in whatever manner you can. We have additionally posted extensive information on suicide for you to read as well as to pass along to your clients and friends. Thank you in advance for your compassionate efforts during this troubling time. Sincerely, Board of Professionals United for Parkland Parkland Community Therapy Support If you are a trauma trained mental health clinician and are able to volunteer this week to support the community of Parkland, please sign up HERE Please share this link with any trauma trained mental health clinicians who may be able to help. Thank you


A Call For Trauma-Focused Therapists

PU4P Members, Hello to all members of our professional group. As Spring approaches, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve Parkland and surrounding communities suffering grief, loss and trauma. It truly has been our honor and privilege to be part of the healing fabric. Our mission is to meet the short and long terms needs and at this time, we are transitioning from short term to long term healing. The Networking Committee has been tasked with revamping and updating our referral resource list. Please take the time to read the PU4P Mission Statement and reply to: and let us know if you wish to continue to be a member of the PU4P Resource Directory, which will become available to the community in the form of a directory to be published on our website. Please provide the following information and return along with a copy of your resume, proof of Professional Liability Insurance, Florida License and any professional specialty certifications. A member of the Networking Committee will be making a personal contact via phone or email to thank you for continuing to serve, learn about your practice and discuss your experience working with the community. On behalf of the board of PU4P, we thank you for your service and look forward to providing services for many years to come.

  1. Name

  2. Name of Practice

  3. Phone of Practice

  4. Website for Practice

  5. Address of Practice

  6. Practice Hours

  7. Languages Spoken

  8. Professional License

  9. Certifications

  10. Ages served: (Children/Teens/Adults/Couples/Seniors)

  11. Specific Populations

  12. Experience with specific cultures/populations

  13. Therapy offered in office? Remotely via internet? In home? Telephone?

  14. Do you accept Insurance? Which insurance companies do you participate in?

  15. Fees

  16. Session length

  17. Do you accept Lo Bono? (very low fee)

  18. Do you accept Pro Bono? If so, how many slots are available?

  19. Trauma Training?

  20. Experience working with loss and trauma?

We look forward to hearing from you, PU4P Networking Committee

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