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July 2021 PU4P Newsletter

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Throughout July, Professionals United for Parkland shines a light on Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. For many years, there has been a rising awareness that many of our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and peers live side-by-side with us, however they are treated by society in a vastly different manner. Centuries of inter-generational trauma, racial bias and inequity have allowed minority community members to be marginalized, treated unfairly and excluded from the benefits our community offers.

Below is information from the American Counseling Association which sheds light on the mental health needs of our minority community.

Black/African American:

  • Black and African American people living below poverty are twice as likely to report serious psychological distress as those living over two times the poverty level. [CDC]

  • Men of African descent are nine times more likely than White men to be victims of homicide.

  • Historical adversity translates to socioeconomic disparities experienced by Black and African American people, which is linked to mental health.

  • Adult Blacks and African Americans are more likely to have feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness than adult Whites. [CDC]


  • Latinx parents may expedite assimilation in their children by promoting adoption of American culture, leading to internalized racism which can cause depression and low self-esteem.

  • Latina adolescents attempt suicide at higher rates than other gender/ethnic groups: 20% of Latina adolescents report a plan to complete suicide and 11.1% attempt suicide.

Asian American:

  • Xenophobic racism against Asian Americans has surged as the coronavirus sweeps the U.S., with reports of hate crimes averaging approximately 100 per day.

  • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Asian Americans ages 15-34.

  • One study found that 70% of Southeast Asian refugees receiving mental health care were diagnosed with PTSD.

Middle Eastern:

  • Women who emigrated from the Middle East may be subjected to domestic violence, particularly if they entered into arranged marriages with American men.

  • Asylum seekers from the Middle East may cope with mental health issues related to situations they have fled, including torture, war, political oppression, and other circumstances.

Native American/Indigenous:

  • Due to high levels of poverty, many Native Americans face economic barriers that prevent them from receiving treatment.

  • Compared to Whites, three times as many Native Americans lack health insurance – 37% compared to 6.3%.

  • Native Americans who meet the criteria for depression, anxiety, or substance abuse disorders are significantly more likely to seek help from a spiritual healer than from specialty or other medical sources.

When it comes to mental health, having a multicultural lens and cultural competence is incredibly important. Incorporating community, cultural and self-identified supports, we can help provide our minority members a holistic experience.

Representation matters. Resources matter. Culturally competent services matter. Professionals United for Parkland is dedicated to serving all of our community to process the effects of long-term trauma. Help is available – reach out today.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

~ Maya Angelou




During the month of July, Professionals United for Parkland remembers Alaina Petty. The WalkUp Foundation’s mission "is to improve the safety and security of our nation’s schools. Educational seminars and workshops will be designed to address three goals: (1) advocating for safer schools; (2) supporting the development of and encouraging the creation of school based programs which enhance school safety; and (3) educating individuals, organizations and lawmakers about the tools available to make schools safer and strengthen the laws to ensure that school district comply with safe school practices." For more information, visit:


PU4P  Updates Interested in joining our trauma trained therapists (licensed only) - please take a few moments of your time and join the PU4P referral directory. The  MSD community will need services for the long run.  PU4P links those in need with a vetted list of trauma therapists. We ask for a commitment of 2 pro-bono clients a year. For more information or questions, please contact Please support PU4P by designating it as your charity with The AmazonSmile Foundation. They will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible purchases. Don't forget to check our Facebook page for the most current events, updates, and information about PU4P!  Thank you for your support of PU4P and your dedication to the Parkland community.

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