February 2020 Newsletter

Professionals United for Parkland started as a group of mental health providers and medical professionals, shocked by the shooting that took seventeen lives in Parkland, and desperate to find a way to help the families of those who passed, the students and school employees on campus, and the community as a whole who were all stunned and grieving the loss of life and the ease with which we believed this could never happen here. We aimed to support and help and to do our best to restore stability and peace to the community. 

This month will mark two years since the tragedy that shook our community and challenged our sense of safety took place. Over the past two years, our community has rallied around the victims and those affected. We have gathered to brainstorm new ways to stop violence, to keep our schools safe, to teach mental health providers about caring for those who have experienced trauma, and we have supported one another. But this is just the beginning. We must continue to drive forward, embracing our community and supporting one another. Thank you for your support and dedication to the Parkland community and beyond. 

Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates about community wide events throughout the month and let us know if you have any questions or want to help out. We look forward to continuing to serve our community with you.

Program Spotlight 

Stand with Parkland

In their words... "As the families of the Parkland shooting deceased victims we ask all parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and children in our American family to help prevent this senseless violence. We need to come together to do something about it. Empty promises are not acceptable, and while kind thoughts and prayers are always welcome they are not enough.

We understand this is a complex problem, and addressing it in a real and impactful way demands a holistic approach that addresses the triad of school safety:

Example: Securing the perimeters

 Example: Identifying the kids that need help and create effective support programs for them

Example: Universal background checks Stand with Parkland is a national organization representing American families. We are committed to advocating for practical public safety reforms focused on the safety of our children and staff at school, improved mental health support, and responsible firearms ow