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February 2019 Newsletter

February 14th marks one year since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where seventeen people were killed. The lives of the families of those seventeen people have been forever shattered. The lives of all of the students, teachers, staff, first responders, and community members have been forever changed. One horrific day has created an ongoing need for support, for nurturing, for gathering together for the sake of our community and our families. We thank you for joining us in our mission to be there when support is needed and to educate professionals, individuals, and groups about trauma and grief work so our reach can be even further.

We pause on this first day of February to remember the seventeen people we lost, to think of the families and friends who are grieving, to think of those who were hurt both physically and emotionally, and to rally around all of them with our hearts full of love and hope.

Please read below about opportunities for supporting the community of Parkland on February 14th. If you are unable to attend, please contact us to inquire about other ways you can support the community.


Program Spotlight Stand with Parkland

Stand with Parkland is the organization of the parents and spouses of the victims from the shooting in Parkland. They advocate for public safety reforms. From their website: PILLARS OF CHANGE We understand this is a complex problem, and addressing it in a real and impactful way demands a holistic approach that addresses the triad of school safety: SCHOOL SAFETY ENHANCEMENTS Example: Securing the perimeters MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING AND SUPPORT PROGRAMS Example: Identifying the kids that need help and create effective support programs for them RESPONSIBLE FIREARMS OWNERSHIP Example: Universal background checks Please read more and support the seventeen families' mission to make our schools and community safer by visiting them at


PU4P Updates PU4P is assisting with two events and we will be partnering with therapy dog providers for these events. The Feb 14 events are part of the Bloomberg funded initiative awarded to Coral Springs “Inspiring Community Healing after Gun Violence: The Power of Art”. Art projects will be ongoing for two years and all are temporary installations. Please check in with the person on the shift before you when you arrive to volunteer. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Judith Aronson Ramos: 561-901-3965, 1. David Best, world renowned artist will be designing an impermanent temple to commemorate the tragedy at MSD through interactive art . Construction will be completed by his crew along with community volunteers who want to participate in building the structure. It will be located across from City Hall in Coral Springs. The project has had input from some of the victims' parents and the Mayor of Parkland. The Temple will be constructed over a several week period culminating in completion on 2/14. It is intended to be a non-denominational space to “ pay respect and express sorrow and love for the people in Parkland and Coral Springs so intensely affected by the tragedy that occurred there”. It will remain for approximately 90 days then it will be burned in a public ceremony intended to be cathartic. See the you tube clip to learn more about the burning which at first may seem jarring, however, is intended to be part of the healing process and has been discussed extensively with key community figures. There will never be unanimous agreement however, to learn more about why the artist has chosen to do this see this clip Additionally, we are working with the museum to provide explanatory information to the community to minimize any unintended negative emotional reactions.  2. The Coral Springs Museum of Art will be open all day on February 14 for anyone who wants to spend time in their beautiful space. Coral Springs Museum of Art will be home to workshops and artist talks for community members and schools. Five art installations will be created with extensive input from residents and placed throughout the city. Community advisory participants will include members of the Coral Springs Police Department, Cultural Affairs division, licensed art therapists, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas students.

👩‍🎓 Training and Education Committee:

  • To coordinate, fund, and directly provide training and therapeutic support (specifically related to trauma professionals)

  • To develop and implement programs and activities which will provide members with the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skill necessary to serve PU4P mission

  • To create a budget and collaborate with the fundraising, treasurer, and community resources

  • To formulate objectives, programs, and evaluation of events held by PU4P

  • Investigate the needs of the community for training and education

👥 Community Relations Committee:

  • Attend community events and meetings

  • Works to increase PU4P presence/visibility in the surrounding community

  • Promote positive relations within the community at-large

  • Stay informed on community needs and general health, as it is related to our mission

📢 Marketing Committee:

  • Responsible for overseeing all outward facing channels, including but not limited to: web, social media, email marketing, digital, print, OOH, copywriting, and public relations

  • Assures on-brand representation of Pu4P at community events and meetings

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